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In early September 2000, an international group of senior academics from the region met at the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the possibility of forming a regional association for institutional research. It is now in its fifth successful year. more details...


  • SEAAIR 2009 Conference
    It is our great pleasure to invite and welcome all of you to Penang, Malaysia to attend and participate in the South-East Asian Association for Institutional Research Conference (SEAAIR 2009 Conference). The theme for this year's conference is “The Futures of Higher Education.”
    SEAAIR 2009 Conference which has been scheduled to be held from 12th to 15th October 2009 intends to bring together academicians, educators, researchers, and practitioners in higher education to discuss, share, and disseminate knowledge as well as networking in the area of institutional research capacity building. more…
  • The 8th annual SEAAIR Conference (SEAAIR 2008)
    In this conference, we would like to invite academics, higher education managers, institutional researchers, manager and CEO who are concerned in education and quality as well as practitioners in higher education to attend, to explore, to discuss, or to present paper referred to he issues on “The Insitutional Capacity Building Toward Higher Education Competitive Advantages”. Abstract Submission on 31 May, 2008. more ....

  • The 2006 SEAAIR Conference on the resort island of Langkawi, Malaysia went well by all accounts. The Conference committee received many congratulatory wishes and emails from participants. The Conference was co-hosted by Open University Malaysia and had three Keynote speeches. The first from Prof Dr Mahani Zainal Abidin, the Deputy Director General, Private Higher Education Institutions Management Sector, Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, the second from Prof Datuk Dr Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, the Vice-Chancellor, Universiti Sains Malaysia and the third from Dr Primrose Kurasha, the Vice-Chancellor of Zimbabwe Open University. Nearly 90 papers were presented by authors from 13 different countries and more than 120 participated in the conference. The tour on the second half of the second day of the conference was also popular with participants and it included a Malay cultural presentation on the history of the famous Mahsuri that is synonymous with the island of Langkawi.

  • An award is provided for the Best Paper at every SEAAIR conference. If you present a paper at SEAAIR Conferences, your paper is automatically eligible for consideration. The exceptions are papers authored or co-authored by any member of the SEAAIR Executive Committee.

  • SEAAIR also publishes an electronic Journal called JIRSEA. More information on the JIRSEA page on this website. Papers should be sent to Dr Raj Sharma, Hon. Secretary, SEAAIR by email to

  • The 2007 SEAAIR Conference will also be the election time for SEAAIR Executive Committee memberships. All positions will be declared vacant at that time except that of the Immediate Past President. The 2006 AGM approved the creation of and the resulting change to the Constitution to effect the new position of Immediate Past President. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is a reasonable level of continuity. Thus if you have the time and could dedicate some of it to the management of SEAAIR, please ensure that you attend the AGM and the conference in 2007 and be willing to be nominated for one of the posts in SEC.